At Synergy HR and Coaching, we coach growth-minded leaders on the introverted spectrum to maximize their leadership capability, show up authentically and contribute positively to their teams and organizations.

We coach and consult organizational teams to enhance team dynamics, mitigate and resolve conflict while achieving goals as a cohesive high performing team.

How are you leveraging your authentic talents to be a more effective and inspirational leader?

Are you an introverted leader who’s often interrupted especially during meetings?

Do you struggle to influence others with different personality styles?

Are you overwhelmed by energy draining environments?

Does your team suffer from lack of trust and commitment?

Does your team waste time with unresolved conflict and internal competition?

If you or your team has experienced any of the above situations and are committed to enhancing your ability to thrive in a high performing and authentic way, please schedule a complimentary session to discuss how we can help.


We have a deep passion and personal commitment to helping growth-minded introverted leaders bring forth the power and presence within them and working with teams to become cohesive high performers.

We work with leaders as a thought partner and cultivate a safe and trusting environment. As introverts generally have strengths in analyzing and problem-solving, we utilize thoughtful planning and strategies such as assessments, strengths-based and self-awareness exercises to facilitate leaders showing up in a way that moves them forward to achieve their desired outcomes.

With the current and future global challenges we face in the world of work, introverted leaders are critical to closing the gap related to empathy, creativity, deep listening and critical thinking skills, just to name a few of many qualities needed to heal corporate culture.

As a leadership and introvert strategist, executive and growth-mindset coach with 25+ years in domestic and international HR business leadership; it is clear that with leadership comes great responsibility. Great responsibility requires care, humility, integrity and continuous development. In our current reality, this responsibility is magnified as the lines between social, economic, political and corporate environments have nearly vanished.

We help our clients clearly see the “bigger picture” by utilizing our unique strengths in business acumen and critical thinking to quickly understand the client’s environment. As a result, they become more self-aware and well-positioned to examine challenges from different vantage points. When considering the merits of different points of view, the leader becomes more inclusive and effective.


We coach the whole person by utilizing self-awareness, appreciative inquiry and strengths-based techniques to guide our clients toward their desired outcomes.


We consider an organization’s culture, talent, systems and strategic initiatives when working with teams to facilitate cohesiveness and high performance.

We have the highest standards of ethics and are invested in our clients’ well-being at the workplace and beyond.

Synergy Impact Overview

Based on 360 assessments, the average client improvement is 40%+ from pre to post coaching engagement which includes feedback from the client, their teams and direct leader.

Sample Coaching Focus Areas

Leadership Influence, Developing Self and Team, Managing Conflict, Self-Awareness, Managing Energy and Time, Fostering Innovation and Strategic Planning

Gwendolyn Miller-Jones,

Principal EXECUTIVE Consultant and Coach

She’s a mother, grandmother, seeker of intellectual fulfillment, intuitive and growth-minded coach, leadership and introvert strategist, yoga, music, travel, vegan and natural health enthusiast.

Strategic Human Resources Leadership experience in various world-class domestic and international organizations in numerous high-growth industries including Starbucks Corporation, WHSmith Travel Retail and FedEx.

Extensive experience coaching leaders at all levels in corporate and entrepreneurial environments to build leadership capability, refine emotional intelligence and enhance well-being.

Life-long learner with numerous HR, coaching, leadership and yoga certifications.

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